Autumn Dreamwalker's Contest

hey every one My friend Autumn dreamwalker  is holding a contest click the link and read about it :) I'm one of the judges alone with my friends Sean Redhammer: That Crazy Thamumaturge.   And Edward Lifegem: Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem.      Well here is the link All my Spiral Explorer friends....(http://autumndreamwalker.blogspot.com/2011/12/holiday-contest-announcement.html)


Ok, Well been goofing around like normal trying to find some cool new things about pets well i found something cool out i had a pet named Sir lucky well i levedl it and stuff and went to battle he casted a trap i said good boy and every thing well i got an idea so i went and trained a new pet just like him named it Queen bell well she casted a trap well then i got an idea what if i switched the names would they still cast?  Well apond doing so i found out no they dont really cast as much as when they have their original names! so like if you have it a boys name then change it to a girls they kinda dont like it and will not cast as much so stick to the hatching gender!


My i havent been blogging i feel bad been working then got side tracked and for got all about the Spiral explorers and every thing else well i am back got my own Pc and well lets get ya'll up to date on some new pet stuff what ya say?



Howdy every one sorry i've been gone studying like crazy and working well i got my 200th pet :) <3


Fire Wyvern.

Type: Hybrid Pet School: Fire
Pedigree: Varies based on what abilities they inherit from their parents.
Cards:Gives one Ancient Wyvern at baby
Egg Name: Radiant Egg
Hatch Time: 00:21:00 (Days:Hours:Minutes)
Description: shaped like wyvern, but red


Strength: 200
Intellect: 240
Agility: 250
Will: 215-232
Power: 200

Snacks this pet love and like

Flaming Soup
Grilled Cheese
Spicy Drumstick
Radioactive Pizza
Cherry Pie
Glowing Taffy
Green Tomato
Redskin Peanut
Sugar Donut
there are  3 ways to make this pet the  parent mixes are
Ice Wyvern
Ice Wyvern


New member

Well, The little SE has a new member welcome Sean Redhammer :) His a level 60 ice, and a nice guy


Better homes and gardens for wizard101

Well, I heard about the better home snad gardens for wizard101, I was thinking, Maybe I should hold a house contest, I'll port to your house and judge it with the help of the SE, i just need prizes i'll have to wait till i get some money of course though thats the stinky part. I think it would be a wonderful idea,